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If you or the individual taking Cymbalta experience any of the following severe negative side effects, a doctor's examination is required: anxiety attack, agitation, uncommon exhilaration, serious restlessness, irritation, difficulty sleeping, getting worse depression, or unfavorable habits.

However, there are also a number of conditions that may be helped with making use of Cymbalta since if its pain-blocking effects.

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Report any kind of signs that need the focus of your physician - such as unfavorable or assertive habits, irritation, sleep problems, agitation, uneasyness, suicidal ideas, and panic attacks.

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Having some of the negative effects while taking Cymbalta is quite normal, however you have to mention to your medical professional any one of the following ones in case they continue and begin to obstruct your everyday life: lightheadedness, muscular tissue pains, tummy pain, uncontrollable shaking, irregularity, dry mouth, sleepiness, minimized cravings, diarrhea, changes in sexual ability, nausea, headache, weak point, heartburn ( pyrosis ), puking.

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Unlike the moderate adverse effects pointed out above, the following ones have to be mentioned to your medical service provider as they have the tendency to persist till you have taken care of them: dark tinted urine, flu-like signs, rash, hoarseness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, severe tiredness, unusual hemorrhaging or wounding, confusion, blisters or peeling skin, temperature, problem breathing or ingesting, beclouded vision, hives, irritating, and loss of cravings.